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Our Vision

Basing ourselves off of our backgrounds and professional experiences in international art cinema, at the Cannes Film Festival, in Locarno, at the Havana Fim School... to share our passion for movies in an interactive and socially engaged way.

Short movies (French, international, fiction, animation, documentary) as artistic tools to experience images on the big screen. 


Our Offers

Cinema as an educational tool to create recreational, cultural and artistic activities.

Cinema-debates: at the end of the projection, children express their opinions on the movies.


Cinema-music : using musical instruments and other objects, children recreate their own sound environment based on the movie's moving images.


Cinema-dance : a choreographer uses the showing of a movie to suggest different exercises, adapting to the audience's age group.


Cinema-origami : a choice of origami creations based on the movies that were shown.


Cinema-stories: extend the imagination and dreams of the movies, books are read to the children at the end of the showing.


Cinema-arts and craft, cinema-poetry, cinema-sports... 

Cinéma workshops: scriptwriting, framing, learning about jobs in the cinema industry, storyboarding, acting, etc.

Audiovisual media workshops : image use, construction, analysis, editing, sound composition, etc.



February 2018

Kinder Ciné


becomes Crok Ciné

November 2019

First open-air cinema in winter

Jardin Truillot Party

August 2020

"A special summer"

Projection organized by the children

June 2021
JEP accreditation

Jeune Éducation Populaire

February 2022

Adult relay​


March 2018

Maria de Meideros

Patron and Honorary Member

Crok Ciné

Décembre 2019

First mediation classes

socio-cultural at IESA

June 2021


Civic Service

Décembre 2021

Feature film showing

"My name is Bagdad"

February 2022
Marie Danet

Honorary Member

Crok Ciné

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