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Maurice Ravel Community Center

In partnership with the Maurice Ravel community center, Crok ciné will orchestrate programs with short movies about preselected themes over 5 projections throughout the 2023-2024 school year.

On our first session, on October 7th from 10am to 12pm, Crok ciné has put together a program of 4 short movies with themes centered around dancing and dreams.


A Dream School
Belgian short movie, 3:28 minutes
Students and their teacher describe their dream school...
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German short movie, Christian Kaufmann, 5 minutes
A man wants to build his cabin on a cliff swept by violent winds. Is this behavior determination or the vanity of trying to tame nature?
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Blue Dog
French short movie, Fanny Liatard & Jérémy Trouilh, 17 minutes
Émile is afraid of the world. He no longer leaves his house and paints everything blue. One night, his son Yoan meets Soraya, a teenage fan of the dance forms of Tamil Nadu. She helps him find the right color.
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Grand Hôtel Barbès
French short movie, Ramzi Ben Sliman, 12:05 minutes
A man wins a street dance contest in hopes to pay his hotel fee.
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Saturday October 7, 2023
Maurice Ravel Community Center
6 avenue Maurice Ravel,
Paris 12th
CAF of Paris
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