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At the Maurice Ravel Community Center

To celebrate the last action of the year at the Maurice Ravel Community Center, Crok ciné has prepared a program of three new short films about love and happiness!


Elsa and the Night
Swedish short movie Jöns Mellgren, 9:30 minutes
Elsa takes over the night and spreads it around the city in the evening.
Saturday June 10, 2023
7 p.m.
Maurice Ravel Community Center
12 Pl. du Marché, La Turballe
44420, France
City of Paris, DASCO
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Lighthouse Man
Canadian short film, Matt Walton, 4:15 minutes
A giant helps boats in a harbor to move around.
Battery Daddy
Korean short movie, Jeon Sungbae, 5:55 minutes
A battery father works for kid toys, locks, and remotes. One day, he goes out to a valley with the Dong-gu family. As he's playing in the valley, it suddenly starts to rain.
Avant Card
German short movie, Stella Raith, 5 minutes
Ernst is a character in a postcard on a postcard stand with many other pictures.
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