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Belleville Elementary School

REDEMPTION is an art installation by Mariana Luiza that aims to reflect upon and criticize the ideology of racial whitening, widespread in Brazil between 1850 and 1945, through two distinct experiments about Time. Race-whitening theorists believed in the biological superiority of the white European male, and asserted that progress and development in Brazil would only be possible through the extinction of black people and native tribes (symbols of backwardness). Following eugenicist principles of societal evolution, the Brazilian government developed laws and public policies aimed at exterminating black people and native tribes within a hundred years. But what do the terms "progress" and "evolution" mean? Do they mean "destroying native tribes and forests? 

Students from Belleville elementary school will take part in a series of workshops to raise awareness about this delicate matter and will set up their own art installation in their school at the end of the program. 

The workshops will take place every week from the end of November until the end of January, with a special introductory session on Tuesday, November 21.

For more information about dates, please contact us via e-mail or social media.
Belleville Elementary School
77 Boulevard de Belleville,
Paris 11th
Foundation for Memory of Slaves
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