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At the Belleville Elementary School

November 19th, 2021
École Belleville
City of Paris

More and more often, and sadly, the news remind us how often children are victims of physical, moral and sexual violence.

These assaults, whether isolated or repeated, perpetrated by strangers but more often than not by those close to them, are hidden, silenced, and swept under the rug.

These acts are the source of deep-rooted ills that traumatize the adults they will become.

On the sidelines, suicides and attempted suicides are on the rise, indicating the extent to which these assaults harm the victims.

And yet, there's an omerta surrounding these acts.

Whether in the family or society at large, the victims remain in the shadows... Education is the most powerful way of preventing these tragedies.

This is a cause dear to Crok ciné, as we were present at the closing evening at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival with the movie Je m'appelle Bagdad ("My name is Bagdad"), won the Best Film Award in the, Generation Category.

The Brazilian director exchanged views with the audience over video.
Discussions were held around the key themes of the Fifteen days of "No".

Target audience: 36 people, children, parents, teachers, and you! 

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