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At the Felix Faure nursery

2 Saturdays a month, 2021
9h à 12h
Félix Faure Nursery
71 avenue Félix Faure, Paris 15ème
Ville de Paris, CAF de Paris

Co-financed by the City of Paris and the CAF de Paris, this program was set up to develop parent-child activities. The Crok Ciné association is on hand two Saturdays a month at the Felix Faure municipal crèche (Paris XVe) from 9am to 12pm.

It's a double artistic action - Cinema-corporal expression, Cinema-music and Cinema-stories. By offering these two autonomous but complementary activities, we are able to offer parents and children two great moments of closeness in a single session. The public is free to participate in one or two of the activities offered during the morning.

To support actions in favor of education with and through images.

Encourage parenting bonds.

Integrate CROK CINÉ programs into popular education initiatives.

Promote diversity and transdisciplinarity.

Enhance physical expression at all ages: promote discovery and understanding of others through touch.

Children aged 0 to 6 accompanied by their parents (including single-parent families).

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